Welcome to my storm chase page

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by storms and severe weather. After graduation from college in 1974 I attended my first spotter training provided by the National Weather Service and began to call in reports of severe weather in my area. A few years later I became a weather watcher for KSN TV channel 3 in Wichita and attended their spotter training. I began to chase storms in the mid 1980s because I wanted to see tornadoes but no tornadoes were occurring around my fixed spotting site. Up until 2004 I had caught only 3 tornadoes, but caught up with 9 in 2004 and 3 in 2005. In the early “dry” years that I chased I did gain experience and my chasing has evolved to the present time where I am a storm reporter for the KSAL radio group in Salina as well as spotting for KSN in Wichita. When storm season arrives, I will post accounts and pictures from my chases.

© Henry Diehl

Best catch of 2004. Southern Russell County, Kansas. July 7th.

Kansas integrated weather team meeting at Lyons Kansas, January 23.

I was able to meet many forecasters at this event. I really like to converse with Larry Ruthi, head man at the Dodge City forecast office about long term forecasting. Other than general plesenties, he was busy with other forecasters.(I think a lot goes on---shop talk, between these guys and gals in the informal setting. Highlights for me. 1. My conversation with Chris Jakob of the Wichita office on operational tornado warning using the newly deployed weather satellite. 2. My conversation with Eric Metzger from Wichita about longer trend forecasting (using model ensembles) and what the MJO might have in store for our 10-14 day forecast. He looked at me quizzedly saying "you look at the MJO"? Score one for Henry. 3. Talking to amost all the forecasters from Wichita and Dodge City. Oh yeah, we had a good meeting too.