January 17, State St. and Hohneck Rd. lawn mower on fire in a shed.

Liz and I were driving home from Salina after church on State street rd. I commented to Liz that somebody was burning as there was smoke a mile and a half ahead of us. Seconds after I saw the smoke, the pager tones for a shed on fire. We arrived on scene within a minute and got out to investigate. We found that the home-owner had started his riding lawn mower after charging the battery just to get things circulated. The mower was parked in a lean-to addition to a garage. After running the mower engine a while the home-owner shut things down, closed the door and went in to watch football. Minutes later the wife looked out the window and saw smoke boiling out of the shed. They found the lawn mower on fire with its gas tank already erupted. The home-owner got a fire extinguisher and knocked down the fire to smoldering condition just before Liz and I got there. I checked the wooden framework of the lean-to as well as the mower, then gave a sizeup---a smoldering mower in a shed. Liz helped the home-owners remove some scorched equipment plus dragging the mower out while I walked to the road to show Sq. 330 the way into the narrow driveway. I detailed the personel on Sq. 330 to pull the booster line and cool the mower down. When they charged the hoseline, water flew everywhere! The lines and couplings had frozen at the last fire when the temps were 0. E-321 arrived at this time and they pulled a speedlay and quickly cooled the mower. Sq. 340 arrived also, and we took a second close look at the wooden timbers of the tin shed for signs of fire. There were none. The home-owner cooled things down with his fire extinguisher just in time to keep the shed from becoming involved. We then examined the breaks on Sq. 330, stacked hoselines and I called the incident finished. The wild thing about this call was that we were so close to the scene when paged. I, for the first time, called in that I was responding and was on scene at the same time! Later that night we were paged to a car on fire on I-70 mile marker 242. I responded but there was no fire. The car had just lost a back tire and made a few sparks.

February 1, hay bales on fire, Crawford St. and Link Rd.

We were paged to this fire at 4:30 in the morning. There were 3 big round bales and a hay meadow burning. I responded to Brookville so I could bring a second truck from the station. Sqs. 340, 330, 350 and 360 got on scene almost at the same time as this fire was located at the center of our district. Jeremy responded to the scene and helped put out the fire while I stood by at the Brookville station. After about an hour, the fire was out and all went home. Cause of the fire was most certainly arson.

Feb. 9,grassfire in the medium, I-70, mile marker 236.

Grassland fire danger was "moderate" today. I was just walking up the stairs to my Dr. appointment in Salina when this fire was paged. Jeremy was also in town so I called a couple of firefighters, stating I could not respond. Sq. 320, 360 and 340 responded and quickly put the fire out as the gusty northwest wind did not jump the fire out of the medium. I ended up not responding but it was hard to listen to the action on my pager as this fire was only 3 miles from my house.

Feb. 17, grass fire Hedville Rd. and Humbarger Rd.

Grassland fire danger was in the moderate range today. Wind was light and temps were in upper 40s. I was in Salina at the Emergency Management office when the call came in---controlled burn now out of control. A farmer was burning brush piles and for some reason the fire spread to the pasture grass. I responded towards Brookville and I listened as Sqs. 320, 340 and 350 left their stations. Jed B. got on scene first and became IC. I got to Brookville and responded with T-342 following Justen in T-331 to the scene. We got on scene about the same time the fire was brought under control as well as the three Sqs. running out of water. Justen and I refilled all three squads from T-331 and all went home.

February 18,truck fire call and grass fire in the area.

Grassfire index was "moderate" again today with beautiful weather, ie. temps around 50 and winds around 10 mph. I was moving hay at grandma's when Liz called about seeing smoke to our northwest. We heard on the scanner that Lincoln county rural fire districts were working a fire 5 miles to our northwest. It was a controlled burn that got out of control. Later, Jeremy and I were working on my swather in the shop when the truck fire came in. It was on Reese Rd. and turned out to be my cousin's truck. Jeremy and I were loading into my pickup when dispatch came back on and said the truck driver had put out the fire. Jed B. had responded as well as Sq. 340 to check things out so we didn't respond to this call.

March 7, grass fire in the 10,000 block West Watkins Rd.

Liz and I had just pulled onto I-70 from I-35, coming home from church when this call came in. Grassland fire index was in the high category today. The page was for a large grass fire in that area. The page started a large response from the folks of district 3 as there was a scramble to get trucks rolling. As Liz and I responded westbound, I kept looking for smoke, and not seeing any. There was also an effort on the radio to narrow the address down. Soon Sq. 320 arrived on scene and called in a small grassfire and turned all responders back to stations. Evidently a burn barrel sparked and caught the surrounding grass on fire and the fire was burning in short grass towards some buildings/equipment wich colored the homeowners call to 911. Sq. 320 put the fire out quickly and the call was over.

March 9.

It was with shock and sorrow that I got word that Dean Speaks, the assistant Saline Co. emergency manager had died at his home. Dean and my paths crossed many times on rural fire calls and meetings. He was into storms pretty well so we always shared a "story" every time we met. Dean brought out the thermal camera on both our house fires in December and both times it was early in the morning. Dean was Dean and I will miss him.

March 28, car fire training at Hedville station.

With a change to a new admin, I can start to post accounts again. We held a car burning exercise for our newer firefighters in District 3. We put two wrecked cars together then stuffed the engine of one car full of hay to simulate an engine fire. We put an experienced firefighter behind a new guy for each phase of the exercise. I volunteered to back on the engine fire and we put out the fire then pried the hood up to finish mopping up. We then lit up both cars and let three newer firefighters knock out the fires with 3 separate hoses. All in all, it was a fun exercise combining air pack usage as well as giving our low time firefighters experience in a controlled envirenment. Liz videoed the exercise and I took some pictures. We'll post pics. when we figure the new picture admin.

March 31, simulated wreck exercise, Ell-Saline High School.

District 3, Salina fire and rescue as well as others, staged an exercise depicting a DUI prom group colliding with a car carrying a family. This was to show students the repercussions of drinking and driving. In order to compact the time of the simmulation, everybody involved had a scripted part of the exercise. The call was paged through the loud speakers, then Liz and I arrived first as first responders. Liz's job was to start treatment and code victims and I was incident command. Sheriff deputys, other District 3 first responders, ambulances and Rescue 1 arrived and did their things as students looked on. The neat thing for me was as Incident Commander, I created a LZ on the football field and got to "talk down" Life Star medic helicopter. The whole thing was pretty realistic and I hope scared some sense into the youngsters about drinking and driving. Little did I know then, that I would be taking command of a DUI wreck in a couple of weeks so this experience was good primer for me. The exercise was well covered by The Salina Journal and KSN TV. Just as we were finished cleaning up the scene we were paged to an out of control pasture burn southeast of Bavaria. Jeremy and Rod took Sq.340 from the high school as well as Michael,Justin,Sheldon and Kody taking sq. 330. I drove to the station and responded with T-342. By the time I arrived on scene the guys on the squads had the fire under control with their quick hit. We then returned to our stations refilled the squads and went home.

Liz and I are first on scene and are beginning our assessment of the wreck. Picture courtesy of Ted Sundell.

Liz is taking care of victim as Rod B. does fire suppression, picture curtesy Ted Sundell.

Jeremy and Liz work with victim as more help arrives, picture courtesy Ted Sundell.

Michael, Liz and EMS shift Lt. prepare victim for EMS transport, picture courtesy Ted Sundell.

April 10, controlled burn out of control, Fairchilds Rd. and Magnolia Rd.

I was discing milo ground and Jeremy was fixing fence when this call came in. We drove to Brookville and took T-342 out as Sq. 340 & E-341 were already in route. We got on scene, put out a couple of hedge posts, then refilled Sqs. 340, 320 & 360. We returned to the station, filled 342 and went home.

April 11, one vehicle rollover, Armstrong Rd.

Liz and I were jolted out of a sound sleep at 4:30 am for this injury accident just 3 miles east of our house. We hurridly geared up and called into Dispatch. I told Liz "I bet the wreck is on the curves on Armstrong" and so it was. We arrived on scene, Liz started her assessment of the victims, (there were 3 sitting along side of the ditch), I took incident command, did a size up and relayed codes to dispatch. Jeremy then Michael H arrived next. I had Jeremy do ISD on the wrecked car and Michael helped Liz with the victims. Deputys, EMS and the EMS Lt. arrived and we loaded 2 of the three victims in the medic for transport. Non of the three kids were badly hurt which was remarkable since the car was "totaled." Apparently they were DUI and drove into the ditch on the curve, overcorrected and rolled, coming to rest upright. Only the driver was belted in. After the Medic left, we conferred with the Deputies and I cleared incident command and we all went home.

April 28 RR tie on fire 27 Rd. Ellsworth co.

Liz and I were in Salina when this call was paged. There was gusty winds this day. Jeremy responded as well as several Squads and a hunt started for the burning tie. The terrain was rugged and the fire was found only after firefighters walked the track in a remote area. Jeremy put out the fire by filling a traffic cone with water and carrying it 1/4 mile to the fire.

May 3, out of control controlled burn, 10,000 block west Watkins Rd.

Liz and Jeremy and I had just returned from Salina when this call came in. Grassland fire index was in the low category with light winds. Jeremy and I responded but were turned around when Sq. 350 got on scene of a milo stubble fire that wasn't too big. Squads 350 and 330 put the fire out in about 6-7 minutes.

May 18, two vehicle wreck. District 3 was paged to this wreck at Waterwell and Link Rd. just after 7 am. It was too far for me to respond. Jason took Sq 340 and Michael came in his pickup. This was a page that is sometimes different than what was paged. It was paged as a single vehicle rollover with one subject having injuries to their arm. Jason, in Sq. 340 was the first "official" (with a radio)on scene. He found, (and reported), two vehicles involved with one subject entrapped. Michael arrived, then both guys worked with EMS and Salina rescue to free the entrapped subject. They had just the week before, trained with the very same people and equipment in Salina that responded to this scene. Working together, they cut off the top of the pickup and quickly sent the injured person to the hospital, a job well done.

Picture of Michael and Jason standing between the wrecked pickups.

Picture of the pickup with it's roof cut off to extract the injured driver. He was not seriously hurt.

June 20, power lines arcing in Brookville.

I was awakened just before 2 am, when this page came in. I dressed and hopped into my pickup, hoping some of the guys would respond who lived in Brookville. Finally I called in that I was responding with Jed calling in a couple minutes later. I arrived on scene just after the sherrif's deputy. Neighbors pointed out where the arcing happened stating that sparks were falling to the ground. The trees were growing into the power lines along that area but we could find no arcing or burned areas. Jed arrived with Sq. 340 and stood by while the deputy contacted the power company and they put it on their work order. After that we cleared and went home.

July 19, no great big things happening.

We've had many medical calls the last several weeks but only a single fire call. That was at the extreme east part of our district and I didn't respond. Shane B. has returned to Brookville from his deployment overseas so that helps our response out of Brookville. As the hot dry spell continues, the grass will dry out and we should start to get some grass fire callls.

July 26, one vehicle rollover, I-70 mile marker 237.

I had just started to prepare breakfast around 7 am when this call came in---one vehicle accident with injuries, located in the medium. The 237 mile post is not too far from home so I knew I would get on scene quickly. Liz was unable to respond with me due to recent foot surgery. I got on scene and found a black SUV on it's top, not in the medium, but on the west bound passing lane. I gave a quick sizeup to dispatch and declared incident command before getting out of the pickup to check for victims. There were no law enforcement there yet so I parked my truck so to block the scene and protect the people. I checked for number of people involved,(6) if there was entrapment, (0) and somewhat the number of injured, (2, one seriously). In doing this I missed Liz's presence as she is trained to code victims. Then, since I have no portable radio, I went back to my truck and relayed this information. Law enforcement began to arrive so I moved my truck out of the way and detailed responding district 3 fire trucks their part in securing the wreck scene. I also relayed more patient info to dispatch as my attempts to talk direct to Salina EMS failed. Soon EMS, the EMS shift LT., then Salina Rescue truck arrived and began to work on the injured youngster. They "boarded" the seriously hurt kid and we carried him to the ambulance. I then released Sq. 340 & 330 from their traffic control duties when EMS and Rescue 1 left for Salina. Sq. 320 stayed on scene with me until the wrecker loaded the SUV, then I cleared the incident with dispatch and we went home.

The SUV went through the medium, not ending in the medium.

Close shot of the upside down SUV.

August 15, fire in the propane system at Ell-Saline high school, Brookville.

The pager toned this call out at around 4 am. A fire in the propane area at the high school. I donned my gear and called in I was responding. All the Brookville guys responded before I arrived. They found a propane leak in the storage area that occasionally ignited small fires. They also started an evacuation of nearby residents. I got on scene and was going to help with the evacuation when the evaporator ignited again. Shane drove Sq. 340 up and Jason and I knocked out the fire with the hoseline. The fire would reignite as the leaking valve dropped propane down where a pilot light was located. Chief Mark, Rod and Joe W. cut the lock on the restraining fence and started turning off valves while Jason and I kept a steady stream of water pouring on the evaporator. The propane rep. arrived along with Saline Co. emergency mangaement. More valves were turned and then it was a wait until the line bled out. We then allowed residents to return to their houses gathered the hoses and took trucks back to the station. As I drove home I could see the dawn beginning to light the sky.

August 24, power lines burning attached to a house 7000 block Waterwell Rd.

This call came in at around 4:30 am. There was rain and lightning ongoing. I dressed and drove to Brookville where Shane and I stood by until Rod, in Sq. 340 got on scene. He found no fire so released everyone to go back home while he stood by waiting for the power company to arrive.

August 26, fire in semi-trailer tires.

I had just finished eating supper at 10:15 when this call came in on I-70 marker 238 (Brookville exit). I grabbed fresh clothes and responded. Sq. 350 and I arrived on scene at the same time, finding no fire---the driver used his portable extinguisher and knocked it out. Apparently the control hoses dragged, wearing a hole in the air brake line, locking up the brakes. We applied water to the brake area, cooling everything down. The van was loaded with meat so if not for the quick action of the driver, we'd have had barbecued beef.

September 7, trash pile fire, highway 40, west of Bavaria.

I was in Salina on business stops when this call came in. Around 4:30 district 7 recieved a structure fire call. Then the pager toned again and I thought it would be for district 5 to help 7 but was for us (district 3). I called in that I was responding and left town westbound. Sq. 330 got on scene, then Rod and I came next, just in front of Sqs. 350&340. We deployed booster lines and achieved knockdown of the fire fairly quickly. The owners were burning some trash in a barrel which spread the fire across some dried grass to a large pile of trash--tires---ect, then to a large hollow tree. All of this was up against a pole utility shed. We knocked down the fire before it spread to the shed, but I had to take the chain saw from '340' and cut down part of the hollow tree to put out the fire smoldering inside. We doused the inside of the remaining tree and then went home. We had a good turnout to this fire with Sqds 330, 340, 350 and E-321 and plenty of manpower.

Joe W. is cooling down the trash pile after achieving fire knockdown.

Justin trying to get water into hollow tree.

Justin, Jason and Rod are cooling trash pile and hitting hollow tree with more water.

October 1, train vs fertilizer spreader, highway 40/Wyman rd.

I was driving to Salina to get a quick repair when this call came in. There was little information with the page except that the train had hit the spreader. I was about 7 miles away so I called in that I was responding. My thoughts flashed about who might be involved. One of our firefighters drives a spreader for crop service---I knew lots of relitives and friends that farm around that area too. A few years ago, I was driving by that same area when a train T-boned a car so that crossing has bad carma for me. Shane B. responded with Sq. 340 with Jason right behind him in E-341. They got on scene when I was a mile away and said all was OK. I pulled up to the scene and saw that a big wheel spreader had one of it's spray booms bent by the train as for some reason it was too close to the crossing. Traffic was piling up at the scene so I left after checking in with Shane and went on to Salina, a much happier ending.

October 9, grassfire off highway 140, west of Brookville.

Grassland fire was nil today but due to a frost occurring a week ago and blazing heat the last 2-3 days the grass has dried out. Yesterday we heard that Lincoln county has a large grass fire that took most of the afternoon to control. That fire was 20 miles due north of our house. Today the wind switched breezy out of the north and humitity was low. I was spreading fertilizer in Saline county by myself when this call came in. I called Jeremy by cell phone, (he was returning the empty grain truck home, about 4 miles away) and told him to take my truck to the scene. I then called mom to come get me so I could respond. Jeremy got on scene and climed aboard Sq. 340 with Shane and Jason. Loren and Michael brought T-342. When mom arrived I drove towards Brookville intending to bring E-341 as a water tender. Chief Mark responded with that truck when I was a couple of miles out so I just drove on to the scene. When I got there 340&342 had the fire knocked down so I snapped a picture then jumped on Sq. 330 when it arrived. Jason climed aboard also as 340 went to refill with water. We hit hot spots with water while checking the perimeter for any relights. There was one place where fire started back up again but 342 and 330 hit it quick and that was it. I was suprised how well the green grass burned as well as the difficulty putting the ffire out and keeping it out. Only 3 hours earlier I had a long conversation with Jim C. at the Wichita weather service about the increasing fire danger in our area. Grass fire season is here.

I took this picture when I first got on scene. Jeremy (with red hood) and Jason are on Sq. 340. They had just knocked down the fire along with T-342 and were getting ready to refil with water from E-341.

Jason hitting hot smoldering spots with hose stream off of Sq. 330.

Wetting down a burning fence post using remote nozzel on Sq. 330.

October 26, two vehicle wreck, highway 40 and Burma Rd.

Mom and I were traveling towards Salina on old highway 40 when this call came in around 5 pm: two vehicle wreck with air bag deployment. I called in that I was responding as the scene was 2 miles ahead of us. We got on scene finding a car and pickup had collided but was off the highway. I called on scene, vehicles involved were on the north side of the highway, out for investigation but forgot to declare incident command. (My bad--one demerit) I quickly found the driver of the pickup out and talking on his cell phone---he seemed ok. In the car I found a lady laying across the front seat, not moving much. I talked with her and she complained of head, chest and arm pain. As I was questioning her I saw a thin plume of smoke coming out of the left side dash area and could smell a very strong oder of gasoline! I then called dispatch on my portable radio,(the first time I used it since I bought it) stating the injury complaints as well as asking for a page out of our fire trucks due to the smoke and gas oder. Justin in sq. 330 immediatly called in he was on the way so no page was done. Many district 3 people were arriving as well as Salina EMS and Rescue one at this time. I detailed some of our guys to do ISD on both vehicles. Sq. 330 arrived and I had Justin start the pump while I dragged the hoseline in position for possible fire prevention. We had a hard time finding the battery on the car---the guys kept cutting wires and the car still had power. (We didn't want any sparks with the gas tank ruptured) The district 3 guys, (Rob, Rod, Michael,Roger) pried up the trunk and cut wires and finally found the battery under the back seat! I figured that an 8 yr. old Buick would have a battery up by the engine.!? The EMS& rescue folks "boarded" the lady and carried her to the ambulance. I needed to get to Salina so I transferred command to Rob and mom and I went on to town.

Picture of both wrecked vehicles and Sq. 330 ready for fire supression if needed.

Picture of T-boned car.

Where's the battery?! Rob, Michael, Rod, Joe and others are looking in the trunk to sever battery cables. They finally found it under the back seat.

October 29, grassfire behind the Hedville station.

Grassland fire danger was in the very high category today but the wind was letting up in the evening. I was swathing hay when this call came in. First firefighters on scene called a large grassfire in progress which spiked my intent some. I called Jeremy and picked him up on the way to the station. Chief 301 was working in Brookville and had 340 & 342 running when we got there. Jeremy jumped in with 301 in Sq. 340, while I threw gear in T-342. At this time command turned us around as Sqs. 320, 360 & 350 quickly got the fire under control.

October 31, multiple grass fires probable arson!

Grassland fire danger was high today I think. I was watching nasscar on TV when district 6 was paged to a ditch fire west of Salina. Soon, they had a second fire burning towards a house. District 6 command called for us to help as things were dicey for them. I called in that I was responding and called Jeremy what was up. When I was just outside Brookville, talking to Jeremy again, district 3's tone came over for shots fired, CRP grass on fire on Stimmel Rd. I got to Brookville and responded with 342 as Jeremy said he would drive straight to the scene. I could see a large plume of smoke in that area. I got on scene and picked up Jeremy who was waiting for me and we attacked the east fire line. Several squads were out of water at this time and the east & west flanks of the fire had relit and were burinig furiously due to 3 foot tall crp grass. I put Jeremy on the fire line with his 60 gal. nozzle backed with 1100 gallons of water on 342 and went to work. Jeremy and I, along with Sq. 350 quickly knocked down the east fire line then went to the west side and assisted several squads that had refilled in finishing off that fire. At this time we were called to yet another fire in a ditch a few miles away. Sq. 340 went to that one and put it out. We continued to wet down smoldering areas then returned to our stations. It was determined that fireworks was what started our crp fire and probably all the others. A suspect vehicle was seen in the areas of the fires. Several hours later at around 8 pm. district 3 was paged to two ditch fires north of the Hedville station. I responded but was turned around as Sqds. 320 & 360 made a quick hit. Possibly, the same vehicle that was suspected in this afternoon's fires was seen in the area of tonights fires. More maybe later.

Smoke and burned CRP grass from the large fire on Stimmel Rd. picture courtesy from Hanna from Saline Co. Emergency management.

After the fire was out, Jeremy and I stopped and talked to Roger, the incident commander. Picture taken by Hanna from Emergency Management.

November 2, grass fire 2 miles north of Brookville.

Grassland fire danger was in the moderate category today with winds light out of the northeast. I was at the sale barn selling my calves when Jeremy called from his bus route around quarter to 5 pm. stateing he saw smoke in the Brookville area but thought it could be on the Smoky Hill weapons range. Then mom called that she was north of Brookville and the ditch and pasture was on fire. I told her to call 911 and I headed for my pickup. I drove to Brookville and took E-341 as a water tender since 340 & 342 were already out of the station. I got on scene and helped refill squads off of T-331 as well as directing traffic. When T-331 ran out of water, I started refilling Squads with E-341. By now the fire was out and we were released to go back to our stations. The big problem fighting this fire was the light winds and heavy smoke---making it hard to see where the fire was.

This was the picture when I first got on scene. I helped refill squads off of 331.

Smoke was a problem with this fire.

Picture of Jeremy & Michael on sq.340 (on right side of picture) going back out to mop up hot spots. Two other squads are coming up to refill as people are setting the gate back up.

Kody fought on squad 360 at this fire. Here he was helping with the refilling.

November 4, swather and milo stubble on fire Farrely and Watkins road.

Grassland fire danger was very high today I think. I was pulling a trailer carrying my loader tractor to be repaired in Salina when this call came in around 3:30 pm. I could not respond due to my unyieldy load situation. Jeremy was driving his school bus at this time also. I listened on the radio as there was a problem locating an address to the fire as it was paged at 40 & Reese rd., and ended inside the Smoky Hill weapons range. A farmer was swathing milo stubble and caught his swather and the milo stubble field on fire. After finding access to the fire the guys quickly knocked out the fires.

Hanna from Emergency management e-mailed me these pictures of the fire in the weapons range.

Picture of the swather that started the fire. Hanna's picture.

District 3 squads bunch up as they finish up the milo fire. Hanna's picture.

December 3, semi tractor/trailer car carrier on fire, I-70 mile marker 242.

I was just walking to the pickup to go to Brookville to a basketball game when this call was paged. The page stated the semi's tires were on fire and the scene was at the 240 marker. I called in that I was responding and jumped on '70 east bound. In route, I heard Jed B. and a couple other firefighters responding but not many yet. I passed the 240 marker with nothing in sight so I kept on eastbound and found the fire scene at the 242 marker area. Sheriff officers & troopers were already there doing traffic control which was good. I crossed the medium and parked behind the truck/trailer and gave this sizeup. Back part of the trailer becoming involved with fire from the burning tires as well as grass burning down towards the bottom of the ditch. I also declared incident command. At this time I had heard only one fire truck rolling, squad 360 out of Hedville station so far. As the flames were burning up to a car on the top rack,(luckily for us there was a vacant spot just over the burning tires), and remembering two past car carrier fires where all the cars became involved, I asked dispatch for a repage to district 3 for more fire trucks, especially engines! Soon trucks were responding from all 4 of our stations. Kody T. arrived on scene with Sq. 360. Since I didn't have much time to grab fire gear and Kody had full gear on, I traded places with him and drove. We swung around the front of the tractor then Kody hit the burning grass that was threatening the semi. I then parked next to the burning tires/trailer and told Kody to suppress this fire best he could until more fire trucks came. After a minute or two he knocked down the fire to the axel area of the trailer. E-361 arrived and I detailed them to continue the fight on the tires while Kody and I backed out and finished the grass fire burning down into the ditch. At this time, with the situation much improved, I began to turn back other responding trucks. Sq. 350 also arrived and helped cool the trailer axel. Since I was just recovering strength from acute intestinal bacterial infection, I opted out and transferred command to chief 302. The bottom line on this fire was if Kody would have been 2 or 3 minutes later the semi as well as the top car would have become involved, making a much more difficult situation to handle. The semi driver told Kody that the top car was a special order car worth around $80,000!

December 11, wood pile fire in Brookville.

Grassland fire danger was in the very high category today with extremely strong northwest winds, cold! I was at grandma's getting calf buckets ready at around 10:30 when this call came in. I drove down to the shop where Jeremy was working to tell him about the call. He took his pickup direct to Brookville while I went home to get my truck&gear. I called in our response to dispatch and listened as Sq. 340 & 342 got on scene. Before I got to Brookville, we were called off as the guys knocked out the fire pretty well. Jeremy said a spark from the wood burning stove's chimney dropped on one of two wood piles and a few pieces were burning as well as grass burning around the wood piles.

December 16, unknown fire west of State St. and Hedville road.

I was driving home from "Grandma's" when this call came in. I responded to Brookville so I could be in position to bring whatever truck was needed. I called Jeremy and discovered that he and Meghan were going to Salina. They would check out the scene as they were passing close when I called. Trucks and firefighters arrived next and found that the fire was in the Zoo burn pit. Chief 301 turned all firefighters and trucks back to the stations. I had just arrived at Brookville so I turned around and went back home---a good ending.