Welcome to my firefighting page.

My son Jeremy and I are members of Fire District No.3 which covers the western third of Saline County and the east-central part of Ellsworth county. My wife, Liz, is a medical “first responder” for district 3. The majority of our fire calls are grass fires with some car fires mainly on I-70. Occasionally we get a bale pile fire or structure fire. I will go with my wife on car wrecks when extractions are necessary and help with that. I will post accounts of some of our fire runs and how weather affects them.

January 15, vehicle fire, I-70, 241, east bound lane.

I was driving up to the house from Salina around 6 pm. when this call came in. The temp. was around 6 with a stiff north breeze. Thinking we'd get turned around, I headed for the scene in my pickup. No calls were made and I found that I was first on scene. I could see Eric coming from the east with E-321. I got out and talked with the people in the car. I also saw liquid (at first I thought it was radiator fluid but it was mostly engine/transmission oil)under the car. I then called "no fire", and held Sq. 340 at the Brookville exit. I also inquired to dispatch whether any deputy's were in route and she said two. Eric and I opened the hood over the engine and again found no fire. The 3 occupants of the car were without a heater and were very cold. We had them get into E-321 for warmth and the newly arrived deputy got in and started his interview to get driver information ect. I then released Sq. 340 to return to Brookville. After consultation with Eric and the second deputy, I terminated District 3s involvement with the incident. Eric then suggested we push the car away from the driving lane which we did and then we went home. I believe the night before, a person was hit and killed a few miles from our location. I really felt the need for my reflective "yellow" gear as I worked on the edge of this incident.

Feb. 3, catching up.

I've been snowed by keeping tabs with mom's rehab and my KU Dr. visit ect. We've had a rash of fire calls starting with Sunday, Jan. 28. Liz and I was just ready to travel to Kansas City when this house fire was paged. The house was just west of Salina. Jeremy went and said the house was totally ruined. On Feb 1, we had a stove fire next to a house in Brookville. The guys in Brookville made a quick hit and I was turned around. On Feb 2, there was a stove fire in a basement of a house in Hedville. I made it to Brookville when we were turned around.

Jeremy's picture of the house on fire. The fire got into the attic and spread from there.